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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hunky Dory.............NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last year I went to Inspirations, Hunky Dorys shop, in Preston for one of their open days, a few Blog Buddie's were there, so they can verify what I say, but I took along my Quad Twisted Easel, to see what they thought of the idea.
Any way one demonstrator loved the idea, which was nice, but Anne Marie Maguire, totally dismissed the idea, not a word, or even a closer look at it. So I was quite upset, as you can imagine.
I posted a photo of it to a private forum on the 1st of September, and there it sat until I had started my Blog, and once I had got used to the idea of Blogging, and as a result of queries on how to do it, I posted a tutorial. Fair comment its out there, people can see it. The whole Idea is for people to use it.
I sent in an assembled a Quad Twisted easel card, and also a sample to be done on air, for My Craft Studio, as few weeks ago, on Create and Craft , the first one seen as Lottie decided to shorten it to Tweasel, Fine I sent it in. My descision.
Yesterday Anne Marie Maguire, was promoting their new Compendium magazine, and lo and behold, she has a tutorial on how to do it, but its incomplete, she has missed the little secret to the Quad Twisted Easel!
I was quite upset about this, first she dismisses it entirely, then she gets it wrong!
I have contacted Hunky Dory directly, to be told "Anne Marie comes up with the ideas".........."I think she got it from a magazine"......................"What's the secret?"

Strange isnt it, I show it to her, then 3 months later, after dismissing it, she writes a tutorial on how to make it, but cant get it right!!


Di said...

Oh no!! This just isn't on honey! Sadly, there are a lot of sharks out there who will happily steal your ideas. I can't see a copyright statement on your blog, but I'm not sure you need that so long as you can prove it was your idea originally, which it certainly was. You must be spitting feathers!!! Anything you can do about it? Some folk who hop in here might have some suggestions! Chin up! Di xx

L00py's Craft Creations said...

Well its protected now!!!

Splashbunny said...

I am so sorry you didn't get your due mention hun, it is not very nice at all! I'm glad she got the tutorial WRONG! Teach her to steal. It would not have hurt at all if she just mentioned where the original idea came from.
Glad you posted hun.

sue said...

I am really, really angry on your behalf! Many of the ladies who blog are amazingly talented and they all state that their ideas shouldn't be copied so why should your idea be treated any differently? I think this is going to run and run. I am certainly going to mention it on my blog.I am in your corner!sue x

Jessie Lubyk said...

See....that's Karma at its finest. Someone did something wrong and dishonest and low and behold it bit her in the bum. Kepp your chin up :)

Elizabeth said...

This is awful for you - you must be gutted but sadly this sort of thing happens all the time, especially for things creative. I recently read a post by Nikki of Polkadoodles having a wee rant about having her idea pinched too so you're in good company. However, you can take some consolation in the fact that the person concerned got it wrong and also imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Hugs, Elizabeth x

Princess Judy Palmer said...

That is certainly fishy, isn't it?! Well, I say don't be giving away the secret then. and pfft to her!!!

Liz said...

And I know someone else claimed to have invented it also.